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Moodle IMSCC Import (Restore) Instructions

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1. How to Download Course Cartridges from the Educator Portal

2. How to Restore (Import) Course Cartridges into Moodle.

Importing Troubleshooting

I am looking for ZIP files, but I only received IMSCC files.

Our content used to be provided in ZIP files, but the IMSCC files import to your LMS in exactly the same way. Please follow the procedure described in the video and document on this page with the IMSCC files.

I can’t open the IMSCC file.

This file is not meant to be opened on your computer. It only contains computer-readable code, and will only work by importing it to your LMS.

When I click the file to download, my computer tries to open it.

This is due to a setting in your browser. Check your settings or preferences, or right-click the link and select “save target as” (or whatever similar phrasing your browser uses). It may also be the case that your computer did download it, and you have a setting that automatically opens the file after download. Check to see if the file is already in your downloads.

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