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What is eScience Labs' Accessibility Statement?

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eScience Labs Supports Life-long Learning Opportunities. Education is a journey we all deserve to embark upon. This belief invigorates the eScience Labs team to create a positive, accessible learning experience for all of our constituents. From fundamental learning objectives, to the inventory we distribute, we advocate for equal opportunities to explore, engage, and enrich student lives through education. We hope that by consuming our content, students will be able to achieve higher levels of both personal and professional success. 
In order to do this, we have been mindful of the need to proactively accommodate, and continue to offer unique solutions for each and every student. Accessibility is one of eScience Labs’ strategies for accomplishment. Supporting this strategy is a set of tactical implementations which promote technical access for diverse needs. This involves:

  •  Closed captioning or media scripts
  • Color by number scales
  • Alt tags containing descriptive text for images 
  • Screen reader compatibility with popular programs such as JAWS 
  • Augmented procedures for hands-on experiences. 
These features are offered for many of our media and text resources. Assuming that a student has purchased a lab kit or will be enrolled in a future course requiring a lab kit, eScience Labs is happy to provide additional support and services to meet unique needs. This may include a more global implementation of the above described policies, or new tactics. This may also occur on both an individual student level, or as an effort between an instructor, instructional designer, Dean, etc. and eScience Labs. 
Students or Instructors who have verified accommodation needs that are not currently being addressed are encouraged to contact their eScience Labs representative directly or through our web contact form.
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