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Where Can I Find my Kit Contents List?

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Your physical kit includes the materials needed to complete your experiments, as well as a list of every item in the box. There are two different ways that your Content List could be provided to you: as a digital file accessed via QR Code (found on the inside box lid), or as a printed piece of paper in the box.

When you receive your kit, make sure to immediately check its contents against the contents list. If anything is missing, promptly report the shortage on our web form here so that our team can quickly get those missing materials to you.

Did your kit come with a QR code sticker inside the lid?

If your kit came with a QR code on the inside of the lid, that means you can access your content list digitally. Simply scan the QR code with your phone and you'll be taken to a PDF document that includes all information you need to get started. The Content List starts on page 3 and includes images of the items in your kit to help you identify them.

Not a fan of QR codes? You can use the URL found on this sticker (underneath the words "Scan QR Code") to access your content list from any web browser instead.

LP-0178-CK-02.pdf - Google Chrome

Did your kit come with paper inserts?

If your kit came with a paper Content List, it will be folded inside your box and look like the one shown below. The quantity and name of each item in the kit is listed. If any items are damaged or missing, the Item # on the right side of the page will be important information for our Customer Service team to resolve the issue.

Report50007.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (32-bit)

Remember to keep the box your supplies came in. It may have an activation code on it that you will need, and it also works as a perfect storage box for your supplies as you complete your course!

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